Dog surfing on the crest of a wave … in California!

Posted by Sapphire. November 3rd 2014.

Board-riding dogs (to most) aren’t something you see every day. Well … unless you’re in California that is!

Over in the States, dog surfing is a popular sport but there’s more to it than just fun alone. Many of these canines are taking to the waves for a great cause.

Surfing Dog

Surf City Surf Dog

The sixth annual Surf City Surf Dog competition, which took place at the end of last month, was a huge success. In total, a massive $6,000 was raised on the day. This money will be distributed between several non-profit organisations.

Although the event is always a popular affair, this year’s annual Surf City Surf Dog competition went down in history. Asides from the money raised, the event’s venue ‘Huntington Beach’ welcomed over 2,500 enthusiastic fans to their golden sands.

Some were pet owners while others attended simply to cheer our furry friends along.

Mastering the waves

All in all, 65 dogs took to the waves to complete a series of surf challenges for charity. There were several categories in total, with each competitor competing against dogs of a similar weight and size. One category even allowed humans and their canine chums to surf together. For safety reasons, each dog was given a life jacket to wear which they all wore with pride in the water.

Many of the dogs taking part showed great skill and were able to manoeuvre the boards like pros – leading spectators to believe surfing with four legs is a great deal easier than surfing with just two! The canines are generally judged on their overall confidence, the wave size and the ride length.

Asides from surfboards, a number of canines have been trained to bodysurf, wind surf and use a skim board with the first ever sighting of a dog on a board occurring in the 1920s.

The event was organised by Lisa Scolman, who has stated that the Surf City Surf Dog competition is growing in popularity each and every year.

There were a number of winners this year, including a dog named Kiehi for the small dog competition, Brandy for the medium competition and Kalani for the large competition. Kona Kai took the title for the extra-large dog category.

Despite only one dog in each category being awarded 1st prize, every participant was crowned a winner for achieving the unthinkable … after all, a dog surfing isn’t something you hear of every day!

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