What Food Can I Safely Feed My Dog - Argos Pet Insurance

What can I feed my dog? It’s really tempting to feed your dog snacks and treats from your plate. Remember, though, ... Read more

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dog on new year

Five tips for keeping your pet safe and happy on New Year’s Eve While New Year's Eve is a fun time for people to enjoy fireworks, for your pets it can be str... Read more

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Three happy dogs sitting together - exercise your dog

Four of the best ways to exercise your dog Making sure you exercise your dog is very important. It ensures your furry little friend has ... Read more

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What Types Of Foods Can I Feed My Cat?We all love our feline friends and want to know how to treat them with the best nutrition... Read more

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Keeping dogs cool in summer Summer is here and as the weather gets hotter, days out with your dog become more appealing. ... Read more

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Common cat myths – your questions answered While the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot have always been popular myths, one mysterious creatu... Read more

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Tips For Searching For Your Lost Pet - A stray dog

How to search for a lost pet effectively A pet is as much a part of the family as anyone else, so when a beloved animal goes missing i... Read more

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Older dogs like this German Shepherd need pet insurance too

10 excellent reasons to adopt an older dog There are few people in the world that can resist the charm of a puppy. With their infectious... Read more

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Older man and dog

Things to consider when choosing a pet for an older person Age shouldn’t be a barrier to having a pet, although it is of course important to choose th... Read more

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Behind The Scenes Of Our TV Advert - Puppy and Kitten Cuddle Together

Did you see our Argos Pet Insurance TV advert? Have you seen our recent TV advert featuring our very own star pets Moll, Jess and Dolly? The... Read more

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