dog yoga

How can I involve my pooch in dog yoga? Love yoga but worried your pooch feels left out? Well, barking mad as it sounds, dogs can enj... Read more

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dog blood donors

Could your dog be the ‘pawfect’ blood donor? Did you know that 26% of the UK population own a dog but the majority of them are not aware o... Read more

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alt="dog keeping cool under umbrella"

‘Do dogs sweat?’ and more summer questions Hot weather is a great chance to get outside with your pet. Every dog loves playing outside, ... Read more

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Golden Labrador puppies gather around a large food bowl - Which Dog Food is Best For Your Dog

What food is the best for your dog? It’s an age-old debate that has been going on for decades as there are so many different op... Read more

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Puppies with non poisonous treats - what food is poisonous for dogs?

What can I feed my dog? It’s really tempting to feed your dog snacks and treats from your plate. Remember, though, ... Read more

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Three happy dogs sitting together - exercise your dog

Four of the best ways to exercise your dog Making sure you exercise your dog is very important. It ensures your furry little friend has ... Read more

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dog eating grass

Does Your Dog Keep Eating Grass? – Dog Myths SolvedMost dog owners have caught their dog eating something that’s not dog food, usually on ... Read more

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What to do if your dog has swallowed a foreign object Dogs, especially puppies, explore objects with their mouths and will often swallow inappropri... Read more

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Do We Spend Too Much Time With Dogs? A woman keeps her dog company whilst on the phone

How much time should you spend with your dog? Owning a dog is a big responsibility and not a decision to be taken lightly, so before you ju... Read more

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