Grey cat asleep on a bed

Why is my cat snoring? We all know that cats like to sleep for hours on end each day. During their ‘catnaps’, yo... Read more

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A young kitten sniffing the ground

How to toilet train your kitten Cat toilet training might seem like a somewhat daunting process. However, felines are such in... Read more

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Dog exercise

Top five ways to get fit with your dog Whether you love exercise, or you hate it, most people will have considered exercise as a bit... Read more

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Getting your cat fit and healthy in the New Year! You might not be the only one with a fitness goal on your 2019 list. Your cat might benefit f... Read more

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demodectic mange in cats and dogs

What is demodectic mange? Demodectic mange is a skin disease caused by microscopic mites. The mites are known as Demode... Read more

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Border Collie wearing a PitPat collar

What has your pooch done today? Ask PitPat! Every dog owner should know the importance of keeping their pooch active so they stay fit and... Read more

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sarcoptic mange

What is sarcoptic mange? If your pet’s coat seems to be in poor condition, they could be suffering from mange. There... Read more

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alt="dog keeping cool under umbrella"

‘Do dogs sweat?’ and more summer questions Hot weather is a great chance to get outside with your pet. Every dog loves playing outside, ... Read more

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skin tags on dogs

Lumps, bumps and skin tags on dogs It can be worrying if your pet develops lumps and bumps on their skin. They can show up unexp... Read more

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Easter Hazards

Ten Easter hazards: Pet owners warned to be eggs-tra careful British pet owners are being urged to be vigilant this Easter, as pet poisoning cases surge b... Read more

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Dog with Addison's Disease looks sad resting on tiled floor

Addison’s disease in dogs Most people probably haven’t even heard of Addison’s disease. Dog owners should be aware ... Read more

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Can cats and dogs catch colds? Sad Dog on Wooden Floor

Can cats and dogs catch colds? Have you ever wondered whether cats and dogs can catch colds? It’s that time of year where ... Read more

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