dog microchipping

Microchipping Your Dog: Your Questions Answered On 6th April 2016, dog microchipping became a legal requirement in the UK. 94% of dogs in... Read more

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The new dog chipping law comes into force in the UK in April

The new dog chipping law: All you need to know Dog chipping has been common but optional in the UK for several years but, from April 2016, i... Read more

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Alsation dog growling

The new Dangerous Dogs Act explained People who breed dangerous dogs in the UK could face tougher sanctions under new dog sentenci... Read more

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Harvey’s Law ensures pets aren’t left at the road side Pets left at the roadside in Britain must be identified, collected and owners notified immedi... Read more

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How do the changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act impact on you? On 13th May 2014, amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) came into effect. With new rule... Read more

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The Legal Requirements of a Dog Collar - A French Bulldog Wearing a Collar

The legal requirements of a dog collar Dog collars are a common sight when you see dogs in public, but why are they really worn? A d... Read more

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