Training a dog with a ball

Brain training pets – 4 games to keep your pooch thinking We know that brain training pets can be hard. Taking the pooch to the park for a game of fetc... Read more

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shy cat laid on chair

Making a shy cat feel at home Felines, like people, have different personality traits. You may have a shy cat in your home ... Read more

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winter dog care

Keeping your dog happy and healthy this winter It’s not only we humans who are prone to winter illnesses; our four-legged best friends... Read more

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integrate a new cat

How to integrate a new cat with current pets Are you daunted by the thought of how to integrate a new cat with a resident pet? It woul... Read more

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leaving your dog alone

Leaving your dog alone during term time It’s September again and, for most families, this means back to school. While these three l... Read more

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Pet Abroad - Lola, Neo and Tilly

How to take your pet abroad – plus share your pet’s summer snaps to win with #SummerTails Dogs and cats are important members of the family. When it comes to holiday-time, it seems un... Read more

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How to Prevent Cat Loneliness - Sad Cat Looks Out of Window

How to prevent cat loneliness during your holiday Many cats are aloof, heck some are downright antisocial. But don’t be deceived - cats d... Read more

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A French Mastiff dog looks a little bit depressed

How to help your dog avoid the back to school blues With the summer holidays now nearing an end, children across the country will be going back t... Read more

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A Labrador enjoys a swim on a beach

How to give your pet a holiday at home You may be getting away for a bit of summer sun, but if you’re not planning to take your pr... Read more

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Toyger cat

Does your cat really want a friend? By nature, cats are solitary animals with most more than happy to spend their days and nights... Read more

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a playful kitten

Creating a comfortable environment for your cat and kitten Whether you have one treasured old moggy or a house full of mischievous kittens, you’ll kno... Read more

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Sleeping Jack Russell

How to help your dog sleep well Just like their owners, dogs need good quality sleep – and plenty of it! Unfortunately, our... Read more

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