The first 12 weeks of owning a puppy: Toilet training

Posted by Betty. February 25th 2014.

It’s not necessarily the easiest job, however toilet training puppies it is a necessary job that requires plenty of patience so you can train your puppy to have a skill to last them a lifetime.

Toilet Training Puppy

Toilet training can seem a daunting task, but once you and your puppy get the hang of it things will become easier.

Frequency and consistency are the keys to successful toilet training. A puppy will often need the toilet after eating and drinking, so every time you feed your puppy take him or her outside to give him/her the chance to toilet.

Also, you should include a toilet break when you get up in the morning and before bed at night. It is often a good idea to take your puppy out on an almost hourly basis for a few days, so that he has the opportunity to toilet outside regularly.

If he or she doesn’t toilet after five minutes or so, then take them back indoors, but never make him/her wait around outside until he has produced something as this will just make him/her dislike going out and will defeat the object of the exercise.

It is important to understand that you are giving your puppy the opportunity to toilet and you are not forcing him/her. He may wait until back indoors and then toilet; puppies like to toilet somewhere where they feel safe, so accidents will happen!

You should never reprimand a puppy for toileting indoors or somewhere unwanted. If this happens, then quietly clean it up without making any fuss and gently take puppy outside again in case he/she needs to do anything else. Reprimanding or being noisy when accidents happen will make your puppy think he/she gets attention for toileting in inappropriate areas and he/she will do it again. Making no acknowledgement of it at all gives him/her no encouragement.

Instead you should always praise your puppy for toileting outdoors, make a really big fuss of him/her so he/she begins to learn that toileting outdoors causes him/her to get lots of cuddles and attention.

Positive reinforcement is the only way to teach a puppy and it works!

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