Funny cat videos – October 2013

Posted by Tiger. October 4th 2013.

Cats are curious, cunning and intelligent. All of which are some of the very best qualities when it comes to making funny videos.

Here are 5 of the funniest cat videos on the internet in October 2013;

This cheeky cat likes the feeling of the vacuum.

This cat is hungry and wants his dinner and the strategy he has adopted is force! This seems like a lot of effort for a few extra snacks from the automatic feeder.

This little cat decides to test the water in the bathtub… and ends up wetter than expected.

It’s time for walkies! This cat shows the dogs who’s boss and opts to go for a walk her way.

This little kitten is hypnotised by Doctor Who’s Tardis – does anyone have a sonic screwdriver?

We hope you’ve enjoyed these funny cat videos as much as we have.

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