Funny pet videos – August 2013

Posted by Argos. September 20th 2013.

All pets have their own personalities and can do the funniest things. Here are some of the best funny pet videos of August.

This feisty feline is always looking for a fight with her housemate. She loves to leap, jab and surprise the family dog.

What a lovely video, this cat is so calm and relaxed in the company of children. The little girl is showing how she is learning to interact carefully with animals, and she has a great pet to learn with.

Uh-Oh! This cheeky feline’s caught out. This video is hilarious and shows the great mischievous side that pets can have.

All this puppy wants is a cuddle – and he’s determined to get it!

Training young pets is great fun and brings a lot of satisfaction to many pet owners. Here Fudge tries to tackle the art of stairs.

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