Tips for getting a healthy green spring lawn with pets around

Posted by Argos. April 4th 2015.

When the sun is shining and it’s warm outside, there are few things better than relaxing in the garden with your friends, family and pets. Cats and dogs love the summer months, with dogs especially benefitting from more time outside and lots of people to play with.

However, pets don’t always appreciate the effort it takes to get your lawn ready for summer and many enjoy nothing more than digging holes, rolling around and occasionally using the lawn as a convenient toilet.

If you want to protect your lawn from the worst your cats and dogs can throw at it and keep your pets healthy and happy, follow these easy steps and create a healthy green spring lawn to be proud of.

18709864_mUrine spots

Your dog’s urine contains a mixture of salts that don’t agree with grass at all, and patches of brown ringed by dark green fast growing grass are normally good indicators of your pet’s favourite toilet spots.
Areas that are already damaged will need to be replaced with either grass seed or sod. Once you’ve repaired the lawn, try rinsing affected areas with water as soon as you see your dog go to the loo. Alternatively, if your garden is big enough try creating a mulched or grass free area at one end and train your pet to go there instead.

Weed killer

Weed killers contain a whole host of nasty chemicals and if your dog or cat ingests weed killer it could cause them significant health problems.

Instead of using shop bought weed killer, try using salt, sugar, boiling water, vinegar or cornmeal in a DIY approach. All of these substances help to prevent the growth of weeds and help you stay in control of your garden without affecting your pet.

Use individually or mix together for tailored weed killing results.

Preventing digging

As a lot of dogs dig out of boredom, try to keep your dog busy by playing with them when they’re outdoors.

Some dogs also dislike the smell of citrus, so spreading orange peel or lemon peel around the area that they like to dig in could help stop the problem.

If your dog has a specific hole they like to dig in your garden, place a balloon in the hole and cover it with dirt. The next time your dog begins to dig, the balloon should pop and the sudden scare should hopefully be enough to deter them for good.

With a bit of time and energy creating a perfectly green and healthy spring lawn should be easy. Once you’ve done the hard work, your lawn and your garden should be in great shape for you and your pets to enjoy this summer.

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