Tips to keep your pets safe on Halloween

Posted by Argos. October 29th 2013.

A great time for celebration and excitement, Halloween is a chance for us to let loose and have fun. While doing so it’s important not to forget our pets though and here are some top tips on how to keep them safe during the festivities.

Tips To Keep Pets Safe Over Halloween - Carved Pumpkins

Keep them calm

All the noise and excitement of an event like Halloween can be distressing for animals so keep them calm by giving them an inner sanctuary, complete with their favourite toys.

Choose costumes wisely

Dressing your pets up so they can join in the fun isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you need to choose costumes wisely. Don’t put your pet in anything which constricts their breathing, is tight or covers their eyes. If they show distress at wearing the costume then let them go to the party au natural.

Keep doors shut

With trick-or-treaters knocking every five minutes and party guests arriving throughout the night, entrances to your property could get a considerable workout. To reduce the risk of your pet slipping out into the night, keep doors shut or use stair gates and divides to block off certain rooms.

Store food safely

Chocolate and sweets are toxic to dogs and pets so keep them out of reach and don’t let your pet eat anything they shouldn’t.

Decorate wisely

Pets can knock candles over or get tangled in decorations so bear this in mind when decorating your home and opt for pet-safe options instead.

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