Top 5 demanding dogs

Posted by Betty. October 18th 2014. Tagged: Breed review and Pet information and ownership advice

Owning a dog can be a rewarding, joyful experience. However, many people underestimate the responsibility that comes with it.

One of the main things you need to understand is that each breed has its own unique characteristics. When choosing a dog you need to ensure it fits in with your lifestyle. Doing as much research as you can on the breed you are considering will help to determine whether it is a good fit.

Some breeds are more high-maintenance than others, and here are the top 5 most demanding dogs.

A pair of Bulldogs

1. The British Bulldog

While the British Bulldog’s temperament is outstanding, they are prone to various health problems. Due to poor breeding, this breed is prone to breathing difficulties, birth defects and frequently has to be delivered via C-section. During the hot months, it is important to provide plenty of water as they struggle to keep themselves cool due to tiny nasal cavities.

As well as various health problems, British bulldogs can also get overly attached to their owners. This means they won’t take it well if they have to leave your side. You need to have plenty of patience and be around most of the time if you want to own this magnificent breed.

A collection of Labrador Retriever puppies


2. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has always been popular, though it witnessed increased interest after the Andrex adverts and the hit film ‘Marley and Me’. Like the British bulldog, the Labrador has an excellent temperament, but it does require a lot of attention.

They can easily become bored and have a lot of energy. Therefore you need to ensure you provide plenty of toys and activities to keep them mentally stimulated. They also have trouble with food allergies and health conditions such as dysplasia and weight gain.

A German Shepherd dog being taken for a walk

3. German Shepherd

The loyal German Shepherd is extremely intelligent and considered a working breed. They have a strong guarding instinct which makes them ideal for use in the police force and in security fields.

They require plenty of socialisation and obedience training from a young age. They can also be prone to several health conditions so it is important to buy from a trustworthy breeder.

An Akita dog

4. Japanese Akita

The strong, bold Japanese Akita is known for being very strong willed. They have no problem challenging their owners when it comes to doing something they want to do. It is essential you don’t let them become the ‘pack leader’. You will need to be firm, strong and patient to own this breed.

A Border Collie dog

5. Border Collie

The Border collie is a well-known working breed and their low cost and friendly nature often draws people in. However, what you need to understand is they are one of the most demanding dogs you can own. They have an endless amount of energy and a very strong herding instinct. They will try to herd everything in their path, including your children! You will need to provide plenty of training and mental stimulation with this high energy breed.

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