Warning issued over fatal dog disease Alabama Rot

Posted by Dr Dog. June 30th 2016. Tagged: dog insurance and Health

Dog owners across the UK are being warned about the symptoms of a disease called Alabama Rot.

Alabama Rot symptoms

Symptoms include increased thirst, lack of appetite, lethargy, and sores and open wounds on the skin and paws. If your dog displays symptoms, contact a vet as soon as possible.

This awful disease claims the lives of every 2 in 3 dogs who contract it. As the cause is not yet known, there is no way to prevent it. It’s therefore important that you have dog insurance in place to enable you to cope with the nightmare situation if it does arise.

What is Alabama Rot?

Some experts believe that there may be a link between Alabama Rot and walking in muddy, woodland areas. Although this hasn’t been officially confirmed, vets recommend cleaning your dog’s paws if they get muddy. This is just a precaution to help reduce the risk posed to your pet.

Although cases of this condition have spread across the UK in the last few years, it is by no means common, so please don’t keep your dog cooped up in the house with worry – simply continue to enjoy life with your canine companion whilst making sure you are able to react quickly if any symptoms occur.

Alabama Rot

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