Argos Pet Insurance blog – Weekly round-up 15th-21st June

Posted by Argos. June 15th 2015.

Get your teeth into this week’s stories and tales from the animal kingdom from Argos Pet Insurance.

An Exotic Shorthair kitten is a great breed to own as a pet


Breed review: Exotic Shorthair

A beautiful mix between a Persian cat and a brown Burmese cat, learn about the personality, appearance and health of an Exotic Shorthair before you bring one into your family.

A cat wears sunglasses on holiday

A family affair – How to take your pet on holiday too

Ready to have some fun in the sun on holiday this year but don’t want to leave your pet in kennels or with friends and family? Find out how they can come on holiday with you too.

Cute kittens in a basket

How to welcome the new addition to your household

Getting ready to welcome a new pooch or feline into your home? First impressions count a lot and it’s important your new introduction settles in quickly. Find out tips to help them settle easier.

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