Argos Pet Insurance blog weekly round-up 1st – 7th September 2014

Posted by Argos. September 7th 2014.

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Golden retriever on the beach


What is the most important part of your summer holiday?
A recent survey has revealed that pets are a big part of our summer holidays – do you agree?


Older man and dog


How to build a great relationship with your dog
Having a great relationship with your pet is definitely a priority for all pet owners and when that relationship is achieved its one that can always be cherished.

A Siberian cat

Breed Review: Siberian Cat
Find out some information about the lovely and popular Siberian cat in our latest breed review.

Can dogs be allergic to grass?

Is your pet allergic to grass?
Many pet owners won’t realise that pets being allergic to grass is one of the most common allergies found within cats and dogs – so find out how to keep an eye out for this problem to keep your pet happy.

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