Argos Pet Insurance – weekly round-up 21st – 27th April

Posted by Argos. April 27th 2014.

This week on the Argos Pet Insurance blog we’ve covered the following pet related topics – take a look and discover some hints and tips.

Grey Tabby Cat

Cat illnesses – Feline Enteritis
Learn all about Feline Enteritis in this post, so you can be best prepared for spotting any signs of this horrible illness in your cat.

Wrinkly Puppies

The best pet facial and pedicure in town

Take a look at this guide that looks at the care of brachycephalic pets, (flat faced) and those with wrinkles. It is important that owners are aware of the specific care and consideration that these pets need.

barking dogs

Why are dogs barking mad?
Read this article to find out why your dog is barking so much and how you can combat this.

Couple and puppy

What dogs really think of their owners
Following on from our article last month ‘what cats really think of their owners’ find out what your dog thinks about you here.

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