Argos Pet Insurance blog weekly round-up 21st-27th October

Posted by Argos. October 27th 2013.

At Argos Pet Insurance we love putting together pet articles for our customers, take a look at what we have covered here:

This Yorkshire Terrier will be warm in winter camouflage clothes

Is it wrong to dress up your pets?

This article looks at the controversial topic of whether it is wrong to dress up your pets. Join the debate by tweeting us at @ArgosPets.

Top 10 questions to ask a dog breeder

Here are 10 questions that every reputable dog breeder should be able to answer. It is important to know who you are buying from.

A cat with its head bandaged: Always treat cat wounds as quickly as possible and consult a vet if needed

An introduction to cat wounds

Cats can get themselves into all kinds of scrapes. This post looks at how cat owners can recognise a wound and know what the next steps to follow are.

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