Argos Pet Insurance blog: Weekly round up 3rd-9th February

Posted by Argos. February 9th 2014.

This week on the Argos Pet Insurance blog the following pet issues have been discussed:

destructive dogs

The causes of separation issues in dogs
There are many reasons why dogs become overly reliant on an owner, here are some of the causes of separation issues in dogs explained.



A day in the life of a pet detective
Tom Watkins and the Animal Search UK team give us access into their life for a day in this fun and informative article.


Russian Blue Cat

Breed Review: Russian Blue Cat
Find out everything you need to know about the Russian Blue cat breed in our latest breed review.


Labrador and man

How can you house train an adult dog?
Can you teach an old dog new tricks? We certainly think so, find out how to house train an older dog here.


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