Argos Pet Insurance blog weekly round-up 8th – 14th September 2014

Posted by Argos. September 14th 2014.

Enjoy the latest articles from the Argos Pet Insurance blog this week:

A dog enjoys a day at the beach

Beach safety for you and your dog
The beach is a great place to visit during the Summer months with your dog – find out how to have a fun and safe day at the beach today.

A cat eyes up a mouse

Are cats’ really bringing their owners ‘presents’ when they bring mice home?
Cat owners will be familiar with little ‘presents’ being left at their doorsteps but what do these little gifts really mean?

Poodle 2

Breed Review: Poodle
Find out about the post Poodle breed in this months breed review.

Digging Dog

My dog is digging mad!
Is your dog destroying your garden – find out why and how to combat this problem in this handy article.

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