Argos Pet Insurance Blog – Weekly round-up: August 17th to 23rd

Posted by Argos. August 17th 2015.

Cats and dogs are like family to their owners, so grab some great advice and care tips from Argos Pet Insurance throughout this week.

A Domestic Shorthair cat

Breed review: Domestic Shorthair

As arguably the most popular cat breed on the planet, with 600 million around the world, the Domestic Shorthair or ‘moggy’ is a much-loved member of many households. Find out why we continue to love these skilled hunters.

A pair of Shih-tzus puppies, which can be prone to tear staining

Tear staining in dogs: A cosmetic nuisance or a bigger health issue?

We take a look at the issue of tear stains and why you should always try to get to the bottom of the issue, rather than try to address the visual impact of it.

A lost cat looks sad

Ten key things to do if you lose your cat

Losing your beloved cat can be a heart-breaking experience, but there are ways to help you get your four-legged friend back. Our top ten tips outline how to do just that.

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