Weekly round-up: August 3rd to 9th

Posted by Argos. August 3rd 2015.

Find out the latest pet advice and animal welfare tips from Argos Pet Insurance, coming up later this week.

A cat gets its nails clipped

A guide to clipping your pet’s nails

Cutting your dog or cat’s nails is an essential part of the grooming process and our helpful guide should help to make it a stress-free affair, for you and your pet.

A small Chihuahua eyes up a cooked chicken

What can I feed my dog?

Many of us love to treat our dogs, but it’s not always clear which foods are suitable for our precious pets. Follow our advice guide to find out what you can and can’t feed your dog.

A cat shows off its aggressive side

How to stop your cat from being too aggressive

Owning an aggressive cat can become something of a chore if you fail to address the issue. Our advice guide aims to help you do just that, and looks at some possible reasons behind the behaviour, to allow you to enjoy being a pet owner again.

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