Is your pet a Little Hero?

Posted by Sapphire. May 6th 2015.

With National Pet Month coming to a close, it’s time for all of us to remember just how important pets are to us. Could we imagine life without our little heroes?

That’s why, here at Argos Pet Insurance, we thought we’d use this event to really make a big deal out of our four-legged companions. We love our cats and dogs and cherish them as part of the family…but how often do we just say thanks?

How often do we say thank you for the way they cuddle up to us after we’ve had a hard day at work? How often do we say thank you because they’re by our side when we have no one else? How often do we say thank you when they make us cry with laughter, smile with joy or feel warm in the knowledge that someone out there loves us more than themselves?

We’re launching our very own online awards so we can celebrate our beloved cats and dogs and show them our appreciation for always being there for us.
We’re calling it the ‘Argos Little Hero Awards’.

We want all you cat and dog lovers to tell us about a cat or dog that you know who has gone the extra mile. It could be a hearing or guide dog who gives you your independence. It could be a cat who has saved you from harm. It could even merely be a pet who brightens your day and makes your life more special.

You have two weeks before the competition starts to think about all the ways that your pet has made your life better. Entry for the Little Hero Awards opens on Tuesday 5th May.


We’ll read every single story, choose the top 10 then put them to the public vote to find which three cats and three dogs will win our superhero masks. The winning owners will get £100, £50 or £25 to spend in Argos.

About NPM

National Pet Month is an annual campaign that celebrates and educates people about pets and pet ownership. This year it took place from the 4th April to the 4th May.
Each year they have a different *headline* message, emphasising a specific aspect of pet ownership. This year they’re championing how elderly people and pets can offer each other much needed companionship, love and assistance.

*Pets and the elderly: enjoying later years together*

This really highlights how important pets are for people from all walks of life and how we must care for and cherish them because it may be their love and support that we will come to rely on in the future.

National Pet Month is all about celebrating pets and the impact they have on our lives. From next week, you’ll have the chance to let the world know why your cat or dog is such a Little Hero.

At the same time, over the course of the next five weeks on the Argos Pet Insurance website, we’ll be offering some ‘Little Hero’ inspiration by writing about some of the most heroic, intelligent and loveable pets from around the world.

Next week we’ll be focusing on Heroic Pets: the cats and dogs who have saved or enriched lives.

You can keep up to date with latest news from the Argos Little Hero Awards by checking our blog, Facebook or Twitter page.

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