How to arrange pet friendly holidays

Posted by Argos. September 1st 2014.

When you book your summer holiday, what’s the most important part you look forward to?

According to a recent survey, many Brits consider spending time with their pets the most important thing on their holidays and would rather stay at home (or close to home) so they can enjoy time with their furry friends or even take their animals away with them.

There is no denying that our pets bring us joy so it makes sense you would want to include them on your holidays.

Golden retriever on the beachPart of the family

The survey carried out by the Blue Cross animal charity showed that one of the main reasons people holidayed with their pets was because they couldn’t bear to leave them behind.

They are considered part of the family, so when booking a family holiday it is only right that the pets come too. A third of those surveyed said they preferred to stay at home just to spend time with their pet but it isn’t just dogs that get treated to a holiday; some people even resort to taking their guinea pigs and horses with them!

Around 41% of those surveyed admitted to taking their pets away with them but it isn’t just about spending quality time with their animals. There are other factors that come into play too.

Cost and worry

A third of those surveyed admitted that the main reason they take their pets with them is because of high kennel prices. It can cost hundreds of pounds to house your loyal companion while you’re away and a lot of people don’t have this extra money lying around.

Instead, they choose to take their pets with them – choosing animal friendly holiday sites to accommodate every member of their family.

It can also be worrying leaving your pet with somebody you don’t know. Pet sitting services are available but many people aren’t comfortable leaving their pets with somebody they aren’t familiar with and not all friends and family members are willing to dog sit while owners sun themselves at the beach!

Many people have actually cut their holidays short because they worry about leaving their pets for too long and around 12% of those questioned admitted they left their holiday early to get home to their pets. If you worry about your pet whilst away, it may be an idea to give you and your pet a holiday at home.


Pet friendly holidays

Pet friendly holidays have seen a boost in popularity over the past decade. In the UK, Wales is known to be one of the best pet friendly destinations to head to while in Europe the Republic of Ireland, France and Spain are all known for their pet friendly accommodation.

Around one in ten pet owners have a passport for their pets so they can take them wherever they go and if you are thinking of taking your pet on holiday with you then it would be a good idea to invest in pet insurance.

There are a lot of factors to consider before you jet off with your furry friend so be sure to research the destination to find out where you can take your pet while you’re there. It can be stressful travelling with animals so you need to prepare as much as possible before you jet off.

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