puppy in pet video

The funniest pet videos in February Take a look at the funniest and cutest pet videos we have found on the internet this month…... Read more

By Argos

Weekly round up dog articles - pampered Shih Tzu pooch wears hair rollers

Dog grooming: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest pet of them all? Frizz, knots, itchy and stinky? This may sound like you’re having a bad hair day, but for s... Read more

By Argos

Toilet Training Puppy

The first 12 weeks of owning a puppy: Toilet training It’s not the easiest job, however toilet training puppies is a necessary job that requires ... Read more

By Betty

dog fouling sign

Is dog fouling still a big problem for the UK? It is an incident that would disgust anything; walking down a residential or commercial stree... Read more

By Cyril

Fluffy ginger cat

An introduction to cat grooming Watching a cat grooming itself is a pleasure for any feline lover. It uses its tongue, paws a... Read more

By Coco Dolci

Love your pet

Love your pet day It isn’t difficult to think of reasons for appreciating a pet. Whether the pet is a dog or ... Read more

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girl and dog

The importance of playing with your dog Anybody who makes physical exercise part of their daily routine will say that the benefits ar... Read more

By Betty

Puppy exercising

The first 12 weeks of owning a puppy: Diet & exercise When adding a new puppy to your household it is important to ensure you know how to care prop... Read more

By Dr Dog

A kitten outside in summer

Ten top tips for managing skin problems in cats Here are 10 top tips to help soothe your cat’s skin and manage cat’s mild skin conditions... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

Ragdoll cat

An explanation for urine spraying in cats Any cat owner feels alarm when they see their pet position itself rear-facing to the wall, st... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

Jack Russell

Breed review: Jack Russell Popular with dog-lovers, Jack Russell’s are plucky little dogs. This is probably down to th... Read more

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Chocolate is SO last year, for dogs It’s that time of year where love, hearts, string quartets and diamonds rule. That, or boxe... Read more

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