Why do you need pet insurance?

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Pet insurance does exactly what it says; when your pet becomes sick, they could be covered for their illness and you could be covered for the unexpected, and sometimes expensive, vet bills. Just like us, pets can become sick or get themselves into an accident at any given moment, meaning that you can never be too safe by covering your beloved furry friend with pet insurance.

If your pet becomes ill suddenly and their condition deteriorates quickly, you may rack up a huge amount of bills from the vet. This could not only cause your finances or savings to suffer but could cause a lot of stress in the household too. At Argos Pet Insurance, we want to make sure you can concentrate on your pet getting better.

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An expert opinion

“As a vet, if a client asks me about the importance of appropriately insuring their beloved pet, I ask myself if I would risk not insuring my own animals. I once made the decision to not insure one of my pets and learned the hard way what it means to not have the safety net of insurance. Even being a vet, I was not able to provide the best tailored care for my own pet and since then I have all my pets insured.”

Professor Holger Volk, Clinical Director of the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals at the Royal Veterinary College*


*The Royal Veterinary College in no way endorses Argos Pet Insurance or any of its products. The RVC is ranked 3rd in the world as an institution for academic veterinary studies. For more information on the RVC, please click here.

Is pet insurance worth it?

If you are considering purchasing pet insurance, you should first consider how you would cover a vet bill if you were to receive one. Vet bills can run into their hundreds or even thousands depending on the treatment, meaning that you may have to dip into your savings to pay for your pet’s treatment. Paying out a monthly or annual sum instead of spending your hard-earned money on unexpected and potentially high vet bills could often be worth it in terms of your monthly spending and savings.

Pet insurance could also be worth it for the peace of mind. Once you have paid your monthly or annual premium, you can rest assured that your pet insurance policy could help you with the bills when the vet needs paying. Depending on the type of pet insurance you decide to purchase, you can find yourself covered for illness, accidents or even if your pet goes missing.

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What does pet insurance cover?

Depending on the insurance policy you choose for your pet, you will be covered for an array of treatments and even benefit from additional perks such as 24/7 veterinary assistance online or over the phone. Our pet insurances include either a lifetime, max benefit or time-limited treatment period, covering veterinary fees and other additional benefits.

As you will probably know, all insurance policies have restrictions. To find out more about out terms and conditions, exclusions and excesses, please review the below policy documents:

For cat & dog policy

For rabbit policy

Although we cover a wide range of conditions, we do not cover for pre-existing conditions. Other elements we do not cover are:

  • Routine dental work such as teeth cleaning
  • Spaying
  • Neutering

Veterinary fees can include dental cover (outside of routine dental work), physiotherapy, behavioural illness, overseas veterinary treatment and other complementary treatments. As a pet owner, you may want to be supported in situations that could be upsetting and stressful. That’s why we include additional benefits such as cover towards death from an accident, injury or illness, cremation, advertising and reward if your pet goes missing or is stolen, and emergency boarding fees.

Exclusions may apply.

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Got a question?

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Worried about your pet’s wellbeing?

We all know what it’s like to worry about our pet when they don’t seem to be acting like themselves. Even if you don’t need to claim on your pet insurance policy, at Argos Pet Insurance we believe in making sure your pet is as healthy as possible at all times.

That’s why all of our policyholders can benefit from Argos Vet Assistance. This round-the-clock helpline can be contacted whenever you feel you need advice about your pet’s health and wellbeing. Whether you are worried about their nutrition or behaviour, our veterinary nurses are at hand to give you expert advice.

You can chat online to our experts or call the Argos Vet Assistance phoneline at 0303 3340795


Which pet insurance is best for you and your pet?

Choosing the best insurance for you and your pet doesn’t need to be difficult, it just needs to be the right one for the both of you. It needs to be a policy that will work for you now, and in the future – you never know what’s round the corner. Get it right and you and your pet will be happy for years to come.

There are many types of pet insurance on the market to choose from such as Lifetime, Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Accident Only. Here’s a summary of these different types of pet insurance:

What is Lifetime pet insurance?

Lifetime pet insurance is a comprehensive pet insurance policy that includes an annually renewed vet fee limit with no exclusions for new conditions. There are a range of cover levels you can choose from, meaning that you can cover your pet at a cost that suits you.

Lifetime insurance includes a range of benefits including advertisement and reward if your pet goes missing, emergency boarding and overseas veterinary treatment, meaning that no matter your situation, your mind will be at ease when it comes to care for your pet. With our Lifetime pet insurance policy, you can benefit from our Argos Vet Assistance where our veterinary nurses can provide you with the advice you need to keep your pet safe, happy and healthy.

Please note, for rabbit insurance we only offer a lifetime policy and overseas veterinary treatment does not apply to rabbits.  

What is Time Limited pet insurance?

Time Limited pet insurance covers your pet’s conditions for a limited time, usually up to 12 months or until the vet fee limit has been spent (whichever comes first!). This is an insurance policy for those who want to cover their cat or dog for short-term health issues.

Claims can be made throughout this 12-month period for various treatments and all will be paid up to the maximum treatment allowance as long as it does not exceed the yearly limit. At Argos Pet Insurance, we don’t just cover treatments and vet bills, we have various other benefits to help with the wellbeing of your pet. You can also access our Argos Vet Assistance and enjoy benefits such as emergency boarding, overseas veterinary treatment and advertisement and rewards if your pet goes astray.

Please note, Time Limited insurance is not available for rabbits. 

What does Maximum Benefit mean?

Maximum benefit policies give you a fixed amount of money to use to claim for individual conditions. Once the limit is reached, the condition will be treated as pre-existing and not covered anymore.

There’s no time limit with a Maximum Benefit policy, so you have as long as it takes to reach your pay-out limit before claim payments stop. You will need to renew the policy each year to have access to the cover. Again, it’s worth noting that most insurers won’t accept pre-existing conditions, so if you move your pet’s policy, you’d be left to pay the vet’s bill for that condition for the rest of their life.

Please note, Maximum Benefit insurance is not available for rabbits. 

What does Accident Only mean?

Accident Only is a type of pet insurance that only covers your pet after they have had an accident. This does not include pre-existing conditions or other vet treatments for illnesses, meaning that it is a fairly basic policy and would not usually include additional benefits.

Self insurance vs pet insurance

Some pet owners may think that if they have a savings account, they will be covered for unexpected vet bills or other treatments. Although some people may have the appropriate funds to save up enough money, the reality is that you never know when, or how, your pet will become unwell. Nothing can prepare you for the worry or expense that comes with a pet’s illness, accident or if they go missing.

Pet insurance covers you for more than just vet bills. At Argos, our pet insurance policies come with reassurance and expert advice on hand to help you whenever you are worried about your pet’s health.

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