Two Akita dogs

Why does it take longer to re-home dog breeds compared to others We all love dogs and do our best to care for them, but from time to time, animals have to be ... Read more

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Pet Photos in April

How pets became part of the family As part of our Argos Little Hero Awards, we’ve been looking at some of the more talented, b... Read more

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Toyger cat

Does your cat really want a friend? By nature, cats are solitary animals with most more than happy to spend their days and nights... Read more

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Woman training a dog

PDSA findings on dog behaviour in the UK All dog owners know just how important good behaviour is for a pet. While the training of a y... Read more

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a little girl cuddling a dog

Researchers find new ‘Cuddle Hormone’ in dogs We all know firsthand how pleasant it can be to spend time with animals. Owners of dogs in pa... Read more

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a playful kitten

Creating a comfortable environment for your cat and kitten Whether you have one treasured old moggy or a house full of mischievous kittens, you’ll kno... Read more

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A Devon Rex cat

Breed Review: Devon Rex kittens and cats The pixie of the cat world, the Devon Rex is well known for its oversized ears and mad person... Read more

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A Devon Rex cat

Argos Pet Insurance blog – Weekly round-up 11th-17th May Get the latest animal news and pet stories from this week. Breed Review: Devon Rex ... Read more

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Alsation dog growling

The new Dangerous Dogs Act explained People who breed dangerous dogs in the UK could face tougher sanctions under new dog sentenci... Read more

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Little Hero Awards

Is your pet a Little Hero? With National Pet Month coming to a close, it’s time for all of us to remember just how imp... Read more

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Group of dogs sat together

Why should I get my dog neutered? Any pet owner will know that keeping an animal at home is something which comes with its fair... Read more

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Sleeping kitten

Argos Pet Insurance blog – weekly round-up 4th-10th May Find out what’s going on in the animal world with the Argos Pet Insurance blog: How ... Read more

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