A baby plays with a puppy

Why puppies and babies are funny together Puppies and babies, babies and puppies – it doesn’t get much cuter than that, as the foll... Read more

By Sapphire

Prevent cat electric shocks by keeping them away from cables like these

How to prevent cat electric shocks and treat them Some cats like to claw and nibble at items inside the home. Fortunately, it’s a rare habit ... Read more

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A Labrador dog's nose close up

20 weird and interesting dog facts you’ll be amazed by We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend but there’s plenty you might not know. Here... Read more

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A white Selkirk Rex kitten

Selkirk Rex kittens and cats breed review Selkirk Rex kittens and cats are a distinctive breed that is relatively new. The first Selkir... Read more

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A litter of Shih Tzu puppies

Breeding dogs: How to breed your dog It’s not uncommon for committed dog owners – particularly those with more than one pet ... Read more

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How to stop dogs from peeing in the house: A chocolate Labrador puppy looks apologetic after an indoor accident

How to stop dogs peeing in the house Accidents in the house are an inescapable near-certainty for dog owners. House-training, o... Read more

By Betty

Get a towel ready and at hand when bathing a puppy

How to embark on bathing a puppy In the first few weeks of a puppy’s life, he or she will be kept clean by their mum, who wi... Read more

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Indoor cats love items like scratching posts

How to keep indoor cats happy Some cats love being in the house all the time, while others can’t wait to get out (as soon... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

Beagle puppies are small and beautiful dogs

Beagle puppies and dog breed review Beagle puppies and dogs are one of the most identifiable breeds - thanks to their distinctive... Read more

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An overweight Pug

How to implement dog diets (WITH VIDEO) Just like with people, January is a great time for dogs to get in shape. With extra food a... Read more

By Dr Dog

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Dog - A family walk is a great way to exercise with your dog

Exercise with your dog: New year, new you, new dog! Ah, the good old January fitness fad. It’s the least wonderful time of the year. A time whe... Read more

By Betty

A Sphynx cat eats a cucumber

Don’t scare your cat, it causes cat anxiety (VIDEO) Cat videos are a mainstay of YouTube and the other online video platforms. Recently, a mon... Read more

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