Dog looking sad on couch

What should I do if my dog is attacked by another dog? Let’s face it, animals can be unpredictable creatures at times. As a result, it’s importa... Read more

By Dr Dog

How to help your cat and dog get along Thinking about adding a new furry friend to the family? Despite what people may tell you, add... Read more

By Cyril

dog lick and chew their feet

Why does my dog lick and chew their feet? Do you find your dog often likes to lick or chew at its feet and paws? It might seem like an ... Read more

By Dr Dog

dog is stressed

How to tell if your dog is stressed Many of us know that anxiety can be crippling and debilitating. Dogs can suffer too and witho... Read more

By Dr Dog

excessive barking

Five ways to stop your dog from barking excessively Dogs are sociable and clever creatures. They bark for a huge number of reasons as they try to... Read more

By Cyril

pets at house parties

Pets at parties – our tips for New Year’s celebrations It’s almost 2019! Although New Year’s Eve can be a super exciting time for humans, with C... Read more

By Cyril


Getting your cat fit and healthy in the New Year! You might not be the only one with a fitness goal on your 2019 list. Your cat might benefit f... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

Training a dog with a ball

Brain training pets – 4 games to keep your pooch thinking We know that brain training pets can be hard. Taking the pooch to the park for a game of fetc... Read more

By Cyril

litter box problems

4 cat litter box problems and how to solve them Toilet training with a new cat can seem a little daunting. Maybe your cat has even picked up ... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

Kitten on counter - how to prevent your cat jumping on counters and tables

5 ways to prevent cats from jumping on counters Is your cat constantly jumping on your kitchen counter? Or are they sneakily jumping up on an... Read more

By Rachael JAM

Pets like to feel safe and relaxed on Bonfire Night

Things to consider before kitten adoption So, you’re thinking about getting a kitten...Congratulations, you won’t regret it! There ... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

Cat and dog being loving towards each other

Why does my cat headbutt me? If you’ve got a cat that loves lots of affection, you’ve probably found yourself on the r... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

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