Indoor vs outdoor cats: Which is best for you?

Posted by Argos, 16 February 2023.

If you’re a cat lover looking to introduce a new feline friend to your home, you may be wondering whether to choose an indoor or outdoor cat but aren’t sure which would be best for you. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here we have the answers to all your questions on indoor and outdoor cats to help you make your decision.

What is an indoor cat?

An indoor cat is defined as a cat that is kept inside and has your house as its primary environment throughout the day and the night. Whilst some cats naturally prefer home life, others are simply just used to being kept cosy indoors from a young age. So, can any cat be a house cat? Ultimately, any cat can be kept indoors, however, it’s important to consider the type of cat you have. If they love to chill and curl up on the sofa for most of the day they may be fine, but if they are full of energy and enjoy exploring, it may be that they are happier being outside.

How long do indoor cats live?

Indoor cats are typically known to have a longer lifespan than fellow outdoor cats, averaging between 12 to 18 years, however, this can vary depending on the type of breed and your cat’s overall health.

How do indoor cats get fleas?

Indoor cats are at a much lower risk of getting fleas, but it is still possible for them to attract the irritable parasites. Some of the most common ways that indoor cats get fleas is via other pets. If you have any other pets that venture outside they can potentially bring fleas into the home. Furniture that has been in another person’s home may also carry fleas into your house, such as used rugs or cushions.

What is an outdoor cat?

An outdoor cat is considered a cat that spends the majority of its time outside exploring and can sometimes be away from home for days at a time. These types of domestic cats are often full of energy and love adventure.

How long do outdoor cats live?

The average lifespan for an outdoor cat is slightly lower compared to indoor cats, it typically ranges between 10 to 15 years, but can sometimes be longer. This is due to them facing a higher number of risks and being in more danger.

How do outdoor cats know to come home?

When cats venture outdoors, they leave traces of their scent along the way, which then allows them to find their way back home. Many cats go wonder for miles and still manage to find their way back.

Are indoor cats more affectionate than outdoor cats?

It is common for indoor cats to be more affectionate towards their owners, as they spend a significant amount of time around people in the home and have more interaction with their owners. Whilst the environment they are in and the amount of human interaction they receive is a contributing factor, the inherited character of your cat can also influence how affectionate they are. 

How to keep fleas off outdoor cats

Fleas are more common during the warmer months, but they can survive all year round. The likelihood of your cat picking up fleas is much higher when they are outdoors. If your outdoor cat ventures back home, it is a good idea to bathe and brush them as regularly as you can. It is also a good idea to use flea spray in areas around your garden, especially the more shaded areas where fleas are more likely to live.

Is it better to have an indoor or outdoor cat?

Based on all the information above, we hope you can now decide whether or not you would want your cat to be a house cat or venture outdoors. You may feel that an indoor cat is the best option, as they have a longer life-span, are more interactive, and have fewer health conditions, however, some breeds are best suited to the outdoors and have a better quality of life when they are able to roam freely. Ultimately, the decision is down to personal preference, what suits the cat’s personality, and your own lifestyle the most.

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