socialising your puppy

Top Tips for Socialising your puppy The cheeky, mischievous nature of puppies is hard to resist in the early days. However social... Read more

By Betty

toilet train a puppy

How to toilet train a puppy If you're struggling to toilet train a puppy, don't worry it can be a challenging proce... Read more

By Betty

pet for Christmas

Pets Aren’t Just for Christmas   We all want the gifts we’re giving to be amazing, unique and memorable when C... Read more

By Cyril

puppy care essentials

Puppy care essentials So you’ve finally decided on your new puppy after reading our blog. Now the preparatio... Read more

By Betty

ticks on your dog

Ticks are on the rise – what dog owners need to know The number of tick-infested dogs in the UK has doubled in the space of a year, a shocking f... Read more

By Dr Dog

integrate a new cat

Introducing a puppy to a cat Most cats are very protective of their personal space and enjoy a daily routine. If you’... Read more

By Betty

Puppy training is not easy, but it is a rewarding process

House training a puppy: The essentials There are few greater joys than the arrival of a new puppy into your family home. Those fi... Read more

By Betty

Easy tips to keep your puppy warm this winter

Puppy care: Easy tips to keep your puppy warm this winter Keeping your pet warm and healthy during winter is important but even more so if they are you... Read more

By Dr Dog

Tips to help you and your pet deal with dog walks on dark nights

Top tips to help you with dog walks on dark nights The Great British summer is being typically unreliable but hopefully you’ve been able to ma... Read more

By Betty

A very cute Saint Bernard puppy enjoys a dog treat

What can I feed my dog? Whilst it may be tempting to feed your dog a piece of chicken or the leftovers from a pudding... Read more

By Dr Dog

Maltese Puppy

Puppy care tips: How to prepare your home and family for a new dog It is important to consider all facts and consequences before purchasing a puppy and bringing... Read more

By Betty

Puppies like these need pet insurance too

Do younger dogs need pet insurance? In 2013, the number of dogs in the UK was an estimated 8.5 million and these animals were kep... Read more

By Albert

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