The best breeds for a new family dog

Posted by Argos, 13 January 2020, last updated 2 March 2022.

Adding a new dog to the family is a wonderful experience and, although choosing a new dog may sound like an easy task, there are certainly some questions you should be asking yourself before you take the plunge.

Things you may want to consider when choosing a breed of dog to fit around your lifestyle could include; the financial commitment that could be involved, the size of your house and garden, and whether you have young children running around the home.

When you welcome a dog into your family you’re making, on average, a ten to sixteen-year relationship commitment, so selecting a breed that is the right fit for your household is vital.

How do I choose a family dog?

Choosing a family dog breed will largely come down to personal preference however, there are many other factors you may want to consider. These can include:

  • Breed size
  • Temperament
  • Care and grooming
  • Diet
  • Cost
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Breed size

When looking for a new family dog, breed size should be at the top of your list of considerations. If you live in a small home or apartment, you may want to consider a smaller breed such as a pug.

If you have a big home with a big open garden space however, you can probably consider larger family dog breeds as you can be certain that they will have enough room to stretch their legs.


In addition to size, you should think about your new pooch’s temperament. Some dogs are natural-born hunters, whereas others prefer to hunt for the comfiest spot on the sofa. Whether you’re looking for a snuggle bug or a hiking pal, pay attention to the energy levels of the breed you’re considering.

This can be even more important if you are looking at getting a new family dog for a household with small children. If you go for a boisterous, energetic dog, just be conscious that they may be a little too much for your young toddler to handle.

Care and grooming

Some breeds will need more than just a brush every so often. Many require frequent brushing, regular baths and even trips to the groomers. From ear and eye cleaning, to frequent teeth brushing, you should determine who in your family will be responsible for grooming before choosing a breed.

It’s also worth considering how much your prospective family dog might shed. If you choose a breed that is prone to shedding a lot of their fur, they may not be ideal for a busy household – unless you don’t mind a regular hoover that is!


Also worth consideration is the diet of your prospective pooch. Naturally, if you choose a bigger breed, they are going to need a lot more food than say a pug.

If you need to consider storage space as well as the weekly cost of buying the food, you may be better served to get a French Bulldog as apposed to a Saint Bernard.


Lastly, the cost of the breed is also worth considering when finding your new family dog. Some pure and pedigree dogs can be quite expensive. If you are looking for a new pooch that won’t break the bank, it may be worth considering a non-pedigree, a mongrel or a rescue dog.

They’ll love you just as much as a pedigree would, and you may even find that you’ve saved a few pennies for a day trip or two with your new canine companion once they’ve settled in.

What is the best family dog breed?

The nature of your living situation can affect your choice of dog breed but rest assured, there are loads of family dog breeds to choose from regardless of your circumstances.

Some great breeds for a family dog include the following:

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Labradors are a medium-sized breed that have a wonderful temperament. They’re typically playful and good-natured with new faces, making them one of the best dogs for families. Kind, loyal and friendly, they really do make a great all-rounder.


Pugs are loving and affectionate dogs. They are great with children and other pets, meaning they could well be the perfect choice of breed for your new family dog. Due to their small size, pugs are also perfect for a smaller home. However, they can be very energetic, so don’t expect their small stature to hold them back.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sometimes referred to as a ‘sporting toy breed’, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a kind tempered and loving breed. They are great around small children, however they do require a lot of physical stimulation and so will need a couple of long walks a day.

Jack Russell

Jack Russells are energetic, athletic, and excitable. They also happen to be wonderfully affectionate dogs making them great for families. Although they will cope in a smaller home due to their size, they are fun, bouncy dogs and so they will thrive in larger, more open environments.


If you’re looking for dogs that are good with children, the Beagle is a great family-friendly breed as they’re cute and love the outdoors. Originally kept as hunting dogs, these energetic pups are rarely too tired to play games and often need frequent facetime with your family.


Collies are a classic where great dog breeds for families are concerned. They’re a gentle and predictable breed but require some obedience training to keep them active and stimulated. Teaching tricks by using treats and positive reinforcement will serve as a great bonding experience for all the family.

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are small and easy to train, making them perfect if you live in a smaller home. They also happen to be one of the best dog breeds for kids due to their kindly nature and friendly temperament. French bulldogs can be a little more on the expensive side, so cost is worth factoring in when considering one.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are smart and incredibly loving, they’re also often sensitive and gentle. The Bichon is a fantastic option for any family suffering from allergies as they’re considered relatively hypoallergenic and shed their fur minimally.


Known for their distinctive haircuts, the Poodle also happens to be a very smart and gentle dog. Poodles are playful and quite active, so long walks, jogs or even a swim are perfect for these agile pets. They’re a proud breed, so teaching them tricks is a great way to bond.

Choosing to adopt a new dog is no small feat and establishing the best breed for your family beforehand is a vital part of ensuring they transition into your life successfully.

If you are introducing a new dog into the family, it’s always important to ensure you supervise them around young children, at least until your playful new pooch has settled into their new lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a new family dog, these breeds are wonderful! It’s important to protect your new family member with Argos Pet Insurance provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc. Explore our dog insurance policies today.

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