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Insure your cat or dog with one of our pet insurance policies so they’re covered if they unexpectedly need treatment. We want you to concentrate on looking after your pet when they’re unwell, not worrying about the bills, so that’s why we always aim to process your vet fee claims within 5 working days*.

Dogs and cats get sick just like us, so why not insure your pets to help pay the vet bills when they are in need of treatment? When you’re worried about your feline or canine companion, we’re here to provide expert advice on your pet’s health and behaviour if you need it.

Check out our range of pet insurance policies and benefits and choose from a range of insurance products for you and your pet.

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Coronavirus Financial Support

Please contact us to discuss financial support options if you have been affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Collage image with a dog and three cats relaxing along with the quote '97% of claims paid in 5 working days*'

*Based on claims paid in 2018 by Pinnacle Insurance plc

What does Argos Pet Insurance cover?

At Argos Pet Insurance, we know that treatment for your pet could be pricey. That’s why we provide pet insurance policies that cover your pet for various treatments, along with other benefits too. Our pet insurance policies cover:

  • Veterinary fees including dental cover, complementary treatment, physiotherapy, behavioral illnesses and overseas veterinary
  • 3rd party liability (dogs only)
  • Advertisement and reward if your pet is missing
  • Theft or straying
  • Emergency boarding kennel or cattery fees if you are hospitalised for more than 48 hours
  • Complementary veterinary helpline, live chat and video service
  • Holiday cancellation
  • Other travel cover such as emergency expenses abroad if your pet is sick or goes missing, quarantine costs or loss of healthcare certificate

If your pet was to sadly pass away from an accident or injury, we can cover the cost of cremation and the price you paid for your pet.

Please note that we won’t cover any pre-existing conditions and that terms, conditions, excesses, exclusions and limitations apply. You can find out more about the terms of our cover in our policy documents.

Lifetime Policy

Whether you’ve adopted a puppy or kitten, or you have a life-long four-legged friend in the family, you may be thinking about insurance. You could benefit from an annually renewed vet fee limit for new conditions.

This policy covers for veterinary fees, such as non-routine dental work and physiotherapy, overseas veterinary treatment, and even payment for advertisement and rewards if your beloved pet goes missing.

Time Limited Policy

Just like us, your pet can get into all sorts of mishaps. Your dog or cat could develop an illness that they have never had before, meaning that you will need to pay for their treatment to get them back to feeling themselves. With a Time Limited policy, new conditions are covered for a 12-month period, or until the vet fee limit has been spent, whichever comes first.

Our Time Limited policy can cover new conditions, as well as helping you if your pet goes missing. You can also benefit from holiday travel cover.

Maximum Benefit Policy

Maximum Benefit Insurance covers accidents, illnesses and new medical conditions up to a pre-agreed financial limit.

You can claim multiple times on the same condition until the limit is reached, from that point onward the condition will no longer be covered under the policy however you will still be able to claim on new conditions.


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Information on how we collect and use your personal data is available to read in our Privacy Policy.


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Why choose Argos Pet Insurance?

At Argos Pet Insurance, we can provide customers with the help they need when their pet is sick, goes missing or develops a new condition (not including pre-existing conditions). As well as the coverage included in our pet insurance policies, we also have a range of benefits you can enjoy when you choose us:

  • Our 24/7 Argos Vet Assistance helpline that provides you with access to veterinary nurses, over the phone or online
  • An easy-to-use online portal to manage your pet insurance policy at Argos Pet Portal
  • Discount of £1 per-pet, per-month when you insure multiple pets. T&Cs apply.
  • Cover for advertisement or reward if your pet goes missing^
  • Insurance options to cover your pets while you’re on holiday^

^To view full terms and conditions of our cover please ensure to read our policy documents


Multi-pet Insurance

Have more than one pet to cover? No problem! If you have pets in the family, it can affect the whole household when they’re not well. Cats and dogs can get ill, go missing or develop a new condition at any time.

With our multi-pet discount, you can cover multiple cats and dogs for a discounted price. Whether you have our Lifetime, Maximum Benefit or Time Limited policy, get insurance for another cat or dog and receive a minimum of £24 discount, made up of £1 per pet every month they are insured. T&Cs apply.


Round the clock advice when you insure your pet with us

Worried about your pet’s health or behaviour? Our pet insurance policies come hand-in-hand with a 24/7 helpline. Argos Vet Assistance is here to help you with healthcare concerns or pet related queries, such as problems with behaviour or nutrition. Get access online or over the phone to professional veterinary nurses who can assist you with expert advice.

Argos Vet Assistance

Cover your dog or cat from just eight weeks old

Getting a new puppy or kitten is a very exciting time for you and the family. Adopting a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, and costs too! So, you may be wondering if you can get kitten or puppy insurance. At Argos Pet Insurance, you could insure your new puppy or kitten from when they are just eight weeks old, meaning we can provide cover if your new addition to the family gets into a spot of bother.

Remember, you can take out a new policy if your cat or dog is older than eight weeks and your cat is no older than 10 years old and your dog is not older than 8 years old (5 years for some breeds, please see FAQs). However, once purchased, cover can continue up to any age if you renew the existing policy, without a break in cover.

To view full terms and conditions of our cover please ensure to read our policy documents.

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Terms and Conditions

Multi-pet discount is a minimum of £24 when insuring more than one pet as this is worked out at £1 per pet per month for each pet. Pets can have different cover levels. Discount deducted separately from any other offer.

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