5 fun facts about Crufts – the world’s largest dog show

Posted by Sapphire. March 9th 2017.

This week marks the start of Crufts, known as the Oscars of the dog world. The annual showcase gives the UK’s most pampered pooches the chance to show what they’re made of in front of a worldwide audience.

Crufts takes place from 7th – 10th March at Birmingham’s NEC and Best In Show, the most popular event, takes place on Sunday afternoon.

However, the show isn’t all about canine beauty. The Discover Dogs area give potential owners the chance to speak to breeders about finding the perfect dog breed for them.

As Crufts celebrates its 128th year, we wanted to bring you five lesser-known facts about the popular event.

black Alsatian wearing a rosette

There really was a Mr Cruft…

Charles Cruft was a dog biscuit salesman before he founded the now infamous dog show in 1886. It was originally limited to toy dogs and terriers. It opened up to all breeds five years after its launch creating the event we know and love today.

Crufts is a world record holder

The Guinness Book of Records recognised Crufts as the world’s largest dog show in 1991 with 27,000 dogs taking part.

There’s a version for mongrels

Scruffts is the crossbreed version of Crufts. It began in 2000 and titles include: Most Handsome Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Child’s Best Friend, Golden Oldie.

Bag yourself a winner

Statistically speaking, Cocker Spaniels are the most likely breed to win the Best in Show crown. So if you want a chance to win the big event, you know which breed to look at!

And finally…

There will be 350kg or 55 stone of dog fur to clear from the NEC after the event – we feel sorry for the person tasked with this! Even if your pooch isn’t quite up to Crufts standards, it’s still important that you take out the correct level of pet insurance.

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