Common cat myths – your questions answered   While the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot have always been popular myths, one mysteri... Read more

By Trixie

alt="dog on sofa"

The most common illnesses in dogs There are a number of common illnesses and health conditions that dogs may suffer from during... Read more

By Dr Dog

Excessive meowing in cats: What does it mean? For cats, meowing is simply a form of communication. Although some breeds are more vocal than... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

dog tail wagging

Telling Tails: What does dog tail wagging mean? All dog owners love that wagging tail welcome from their four-legged friends. But, contrary t... Read more

By Dr Dog

socialising your puppy

Top Tips for Socialising your puppy The cheeky, mischievous nature of puppies is hard to resist in the early days. However social... Read more

By Betty

The 5 most common non-food objects swallowed by pets Anyone with a dog, cat, puppy or kitten will know what inquisitive creatures they are. Th... Read more

By Dr Dog

toilet train a puppy

How to toilet train a puppy If you're struggling to toilet train a puppy, don't worry it can be a challenging proce... Read more

By Betty

integrate a new cat

How to integrate a new cat with current pets Are you daunted by the thought of how to integrate a new cat with a resident pet? It woul... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

perfect cat breed

Finding your perfect cat breed Choosing a cat to welcome into the family is an exciting time, especially with so many br... Read more

By Trixie

Indoor cats love items like scratching posts

How to keep indoor cats happy Some cats love being in the house all the time, while others can’t wait to get out (as soon... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

A Sphynx cat eats a cucumber

Don’t scare your cat, it causes cat anxiety (VIDEO) Cat videos are a mainstay of YouTube and the other online video platforms. Recently, a mon... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

Crazy cats: Kitty quirks explained

Crazy cats: Kitty quirks explained Everyone loves crazy cats, you only have to look at YouTube viewing figures to realise that. ... Read more

By Coco Dolci

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