5 tips for choosing the right cat feeder

Posted by Argos, 28 February 2019, last updated 1 October 2020.

You might think it’s easy enough to just feed your cat from a standard stainless steel bowl, but have you ever considered the more advanced options out there?

Here are our five tips for choosing the right feeder for your cat, plus the benefits of each!

1. When you live a busy lifestyle

Our lives can be hectic, dividing our time between work, leisure and home. As a result, you may find your cat needs feeding whilst you’re out and about.

Lucky for you, there are numerous automatic cat feeders which can be linked up to an app on your phone which allows you to release the food into a bowl at the tap of a button.

2. When your cat has a routine

Similarly, while it can be hard to keep to a regular routine when you feed your pet, some cats do like routines and can often become accustomed to a set feeding time.

To ensure your cat never misses its meal time, it may be beneficial to get your hands on a feeder where you can programme in your cat’s specific meal times.

3. If you need to prevent food stealing  

When you have multiple cats, it can be difficult to ensure your cats are sticking to a healthy diet.

Often, cats can resort to stealing one another’s food. A microchip cat feeder can help prevent your cat from its greedy ways. The feeder uses your pet’s microchip to identify the correct cat for the food and only opens the lid once it has detected the microchip.

This is also beneficial if you have a cat that has special dietary requirements.

4. If you need to monitor your cat’s weight

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for our cats, but how often do you actually measure how much food you give your cat?

If you think you need to watch your cat’s weight, there is a feeder that can help.

Pet bowls with built in scales, so you can weigh out your cat’s meal, are available. They can be used with an app so you can further monitor your pet’s diet and any eating habits.

5. To keep your cat occupied and well fed

If you want to keep your cat entertained and well-fed, then there’s cat feeders for that too, turning meal time into a fun game!

With the food hidden from sight, cats have to use their paws to seek out their meal. As cat’s whiskers are sensitive, they often don’t like them touching the side of their food bowl. Encouraging the use of a cat’s paws can help prevent any whisker discomfort.

The other benefit of this type of feeder is it also ensures your cat doesn’t gollop down the food!

We would recommend having water in a separate open bowl so that water is always available should a technical issue with the automatic feeder or app occur.

Choose the right cat feeder for both you and your cat and remember to keep your feline friend protected with Argos Pet Insurance provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc. Explore our cat insurance policies today.

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