Creating a comfortable environment for your cat and kitten

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. May 14th 2015. Tagged: Indoor pet care and Pet well being

Whether you have one treasured old moggy or a house full of mischievous kittens, you’ll know just how much pleasure and joy feline friends can bring to our everyday lives.

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As all cats appreciate a comfortable and safe environment, it’s important we put a little bit of time, thought and energy into how we arrange our homes to suit our cats and ensure we bring them just as much happiness as they bring us.

Sleeping places

As cats spend a lot of their time sleeping, it’s important that you provide a safe, warm and quiet place for them to get some shut-eye.

Though most cats will be happy with a lined, open basket, cats that are a little bit shy may well appreciate a soft bed with a roof so that they can hide underneath it and feel safe.

Ideally, you should provide one sleeping place for each cat in your home plus one extra spot. That way your cats can interact with each other as much or as little as they want.

Places to hide

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll know how easily startled cats and kittens can be by loud noises, strangers in the house or anything else out of the ordinary. Giving your cat or kitten somewhere to hide when they are feeling scared, will help to make them feel more secure in your home.

Most cats feel safer when they’re up high so access to the top of a wardrobe or cupboard will make the perfect hiding spot.


Giving your home the once over for potential dangers and poisons will help prevent your cat or kitten experiencing unnecessary injury or suffering.

Any harmful chemicals should be kept well out of harm’s way and any broken glass or other sharp debris should be cleared up as quickly as possible.

Litter trays

As naturally clean animals, cats prefer to have their litter trays well away from their food and water.

Ideally, you should place the litter tray in an area that’s easy to access day and night.

Like sleeping places, you’ll need to provide at least one litter tray per cat as they’ll each need their own toilet area.

Having to come close to other animals to use the toilet can cause cats to become ill and suffer from chronic stress so try and give them some privacy too.

Water and food bowls

 Like the rest of your cats’ paraphernalia, you’ll need to provide as many water and food bowls as you have feline residents. Try to keep their feeding areas nice and clean to ensure they feel comfortable and don’t suffer from unnecessary diseases.

Taking the time to make sure your pets are safe and comfortable will help your cats to feel happy and secure in your home no matter what the situation.

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