Dog training tips for taking pets to someone’s home

Posted by Betty. September 19th 2015.

Taking your dog to a friend’s house can be a tricky issue. Even the most well behaved animal has the potential to cause even the most accommodating host a headache, particularly if they don’t have pets of their own.

Thankfully, making sure your visit is stress-free – and that you’re both welcome back – requires little more than consideration and common sense. Here are our top dog training tips to ensure you and your pet are welcome visitors…

Taking your dog to your friend's house can be tricky, so use these handy dog training tips to make sure you and your dog are welcome guests.

Plan in advance

Make sure you check with your host that your dog is welcome. This might sound obvious but turning up with your pet “as a nice little surprise” could well send shivers of panic up your friend’s spine.

Be clear about how long you are planning to stay. It might be better to keep it short and sweet the first time you go, so that your pet and your host can get used to the idea before you start planning to decamp there for a fortnight.

If your guest has children, be aware that they might not be comfortable around animals and be prepared to keep your dog in a separate room or even outside.

If the children are curious about your dog and everyone is happy for them to spend time together, make sure you keep a close eye on the situation at all times.

Similarly, if your friend has their own pets, discuss beforehand how you think they will get on and be willing to keep them apart if necessary. The last thing you want is a dogfight ruining the buffet.


Take treats and toys to keep your dog entertained when visiting someone else's house

Keeping your dog happy and safe

Taking your dog to someone else’s house is all about the three Ts: Treats, toys and toileting.

Chances are, your host won’t have any treats to give to your dog, so take some with you. These can be used to reinforce good behaviour in an unfamiliar environment.

You need to make sure your dog doesn’t get bored, so a few of his or her usual toys will help with this.
And then there’s the toilet. Just like when you take your dog for a walk, you will need to clean up after him or her, if your host has been kind enough to let you use the garden.

If you do go outside, make sure all areas are secure, especially if your dog is the type to test perimeter fences and plan an escape.

Leave a good impression

Remember to thank your host for having you and your pet. It might be a nice idea to take along a gift to show your appreciation.

A scented candle or pet deodoriser might help ensure your invitation is not a one-off.

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