Funny dog videos – September 2013

Posted by Sapphire. September 27th 2013.

At Argos Pet Insurance we have searched the internet to find a selection of the funniest dog videos in September. As dog owners will know, dogs are very entertaining pets as these videos show.

Holy is a determined little puppy and I’m sure all the viewers are pleased when she finally manages the step. Hurrah Holy!

All this little puppy wants to do is play. Bentley the adorable Bulldog puppy seems to be an extremely stubborn little character.

This dog is not impressed when it comes to bath time, so plays dead to avoid the tub.

It’s great to see different types of animals interacting together and having great fun.

Dash the very talented skateboarding dog is a firm favourite when it comes to watching animals showing off their best tricks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our favourite funny dog videos from this month, let us know what you think by tweeting us @ArgosPets or follow our Argos Pet Insurance Facebook page.

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