Heroic Pets – World Kindness Day

Posted by Rachael. November 12th 2018.

This World Kindness Day, we thought we’d share stories of the unsung heroes of this world – our heroic pets. They can’t speak, they can’t help with the groceries, but they do so much for us.

Here are a few stories of some truly heroic pets that have inspired us.


Eleanor the guide dog

Eleanor’s owner, Joel Young, was born with a rare condition called retinopathy of prematurity. This left him blind in his left eye and and with extreme tunnel vision in his right eye. He struggles to see things at night or even at short distances.

Previously, Joel was unsure about getting a guide dog as it is considered a visible sign of disability. However, with the introduction of Eleanor he has been able to do the things in life that he wants.

Her calm nature and dedication to keeping Joel safe has often saved him from walking into busy roads and construction works.

When Eleanor is not being a heroic pet, she can be found playing with Joel’s two young children and talking in her sleep.


Police dog Finn

Whilst responding to a report of a robbery, PC Dave Wardell and his German Shepherd Finn were attacked with a 10-inch knife.

Seven-year-old Finn defended his handler PC Wardell from potentially being killed after being attacked with the blade. Unfortunately, Finn was stabbed in the head and nearly in the heart in the line of duty.

Displaying incredible heroism by defending his human, Finn eventually made a complete recovery and retired from active duty in 2017.

Not only does Finn exude the qualities of a heroic pet, but he also ushered in draft legislation known as Finn’s Law. This legislation if approved will stop those who attack police dogs claiming self-defence.


Fire service dogs Sherlock, Murphy and Roscoe

In the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, these brave and heroic dogs were enlisted to help the London Fire Service.

Outfitted with special shoes, they scoured the debris for victims of the fire and to help pinpoint the cause. Having to navigate sharp and dangerous obstacles, their task was to locate victims. These pooches helped to bring some form of closure to the relatives.  


Romeo – our Little Hero

Romeo was voted our Little Hero this year, and what a hero he is! A real superdog, Romeo is a therapy dog and visits the stroke ward at his local hospital cheering up patients. He also visits a dementia care home and makes a huge difference to their lives.

On top of this, Romeo is also a canine blood donor and has saved 26 canine lives. He also helps his human Steph raise lots of money for charity. He even hosted his own kissing booth!

Our pets truly are the unsung heroes, so it’s only right that we acknowledge them on World Kindness Day.


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