How to keep indoor cats happy

Posted by Nurse Whiskers. January 16th 2016.

Some cats love being in the house all the time, while others can’t wait to get out (as soon as they’ve eaten their meal, of course).

In the colder months, it’s inevitable that you’ll want your cat to stay inside a little bit more than usual so here’s some advice on keeping indoor cats happy.

Indoor cats can be happy and healthy if you take time to care for them well

Fun house

Most cats who enjoy being outdoors do so for instinctive reasons. They like to mark their territory, hunt and stalk.

If your cat is particularly active, it’s likely he or she will get bored pretty quickly if confined to the house.

Try bringing the outdoors in by clustering a few house plants together for your cat to stalk through. Be mindful to ensure the plants are not dangerous if eaten as there are a number of plants that are poisonous to cats.

You can also provide your indoor cats with a range of surfaces at various levels, so they can climb.

Indoor cats love items like scratching posts

Cats entertainment

One idea is to place a bird-feeder in your garden that’s watchable from a window with a ledge. Indoor cats will enjoy keeping an eye on the wildlife in your garden.

Offer plenty of toys such as scratching posts or even something as simple as a cardboard box. If your cat is lucky enough to have a wide selection of toys, rotate the offerings, putting some away for a couple of weeks so his or her interest is sparked again when they come back out.

You should also make an effort to play a game with your indoor cats on a daily basis. A 10-minute game twice a day will ease boredom and strengthen the bond between you.

Hide a few treats around your home for your cat to discover and find a nice surprise.

Keep it clean

If your cat is used to being outdoors, chances are the litter tray will be soiled more quickly than usual.

Cats are very hygienic beings, so make sure you keep on top of cleaning the litter tray to help keep them happy.

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