Cats and Dogs: More talented than you thought?

Posted by Argos. June 15th 2015.

We’ve spent the last month thanking our talented pets for the incredible jobs that they do. We’ve talked about cats and dogs saving lives, surviving bad accidents and walking thousands and thousands of miles to be reunited with their owners.

Today, we’ll be talking about the incredible skills that cats and dogs have learned in order to help their owners. Pets aren’t just fantastic friends, they can also be little heroes in our time of need.

Here’s some of the most amazing talents that cats and dogs have learnt to do:

Illness Detection

Did you know that dogs can sniff out cancer in a human? With the general rule being the earlier cancer is found the better, many dogs have managed to save the life of their owner.

You may know about guide dogs and hearing dogs, but what about medical assistance dogs? These wonderful animals have been trained to let help owners who have special medical needs.

Without getting too scientific, Diabetes can be pretty dangerous when blood sugar levels are too high or too low, but sufferers can’t always tell when their levels are wrong until it is too late.

We don’t really know how, but some dogs have the ability to smell when a diabetic needs help. They know exactly when blood sugar levels are too high or too low. This is critical when the person is asleep or too young to tell when they are getting weak or ill.

Again, we don’t really know how they do it, and not all dogs can do it, but there are special pups who can tell when their owner is about to have a seizure. This can be the difference between safety and a serious accident, especially if the person is driving, or is a child etc.

Danger Signs

Whether it’s because they’re lower to the ground or have a better sense of hearing, we’re not sure. What we do know though is that both cats and dogs around the world have been said to behave in a strange way in the minutes before an earthquake strikes.
A cat acting strangely might not make us screw down all our belongings and crawl under the table but in some parts of East Asia, they have dogs who are trained to go and sit in a specific place when they feel that an earthquake is on its way.

This is a particularly interesting one because as we all know, storms often scare cats and dogs even more than they do humans, so for some animals to stay brave and raise the alarm when they feel a storm coming is just incredible.

Household Chores

For many reasons, some people can’t do household tasks like vacuuming and washing their clothes. And they can’t afford to pay for someone to come in and give them a helping hand.

Luckily, some animals have taken it upon themselves to become our maids as well. In Leeds, UK, a washing machine has been invented that is turned on by a dog’s bark and has a paw-sized ‘open door’ button.

How the animal knows when the cycle has finished, or gets the clothes out without slobbering on them is a question for another time.

Cleaning Windows
Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier is a bit of a celebrity. He even has his own website…..and fan websites!

This loveable little pooch’s popularity stems from the fact that he has learnt skills such as handstands, somersaults and blowing bubbles under water.

Most impressive though, is Jesse’s love of household chores. Strange as this may sound, Jesse enjoys slipping on a pair of mitts and giving the windows a good scrub.

As we all know how small Jack Russells are, we’re guessing that these windows must be very low down or his owner has invented a very special kind of ladder.

Can be trained to push the button at traffic lights
When out and about, some blind people or wheelchair users can’t press the button at traffic lights when crossing the road. If they can’t cross safely at traffic lights, where can they?

As this can stop people being fully independent, dogs that have been trained to press the button at traffic lights and guide their owner safely over the road can save lives. Remember, this is a tough skill to learn. Think of how high up and small the button is.

2 year old Arbor was rescued from the streets of Las Vegas before being adopted by Bryce and Jennifer Henderson. Since then, this talented dog has gone on to become the Van Gough of the canine world.

Arbor holds the paint brush with her teeth and draws pictures that fetch around 300 dollars for charity. She has also appeared at a number of fundraising events.


Although this is an unproven talent, many women swear that their dog has started to act differently and become excitable just hours before they have gone into labour.

Although this sounds quite far-fetched, if a dog can sniff out cancer and diabetes, why shouldn’t they add midwifery to their list of talents?

Athletic Skills

The next talent isn’t so useful to humans, or the animal for that matter. But we put it in this blog because we found it so impressive. It’s not every day you see a dog riding a scooter after all…

Scooter Dog


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