Do you have an attention seeking cat?

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. September 20th 2014.

Cats are very good at getting their own way. Some cats hate being ignored and will do anything in their power to grab your attention while others will make you feel grateful that they’ve let you stroke them.

It’s important to assess why your pet is seeking attention and ask yourself one very important question: is your cat just an attention seeker?

An attention seeking cat looking up


Cats get bored

Even though cats may appear to be totally self-sufficient and oblivious of your existence, they do recognise that you are the person who feeds and pampers them.

If a cat is bored, it’ll soon let you know, usually when you’re reading a book and it decides to try and stretch out on the pages! If you supply your cat with some toys or catnip, you may reduce this type of behaviour.

Yowling may indicate a medical problem

Cats have a variety of noises in their vocal repertoire. If you have an un-neutered tom, you’ll have heard his caterwauling when there is some luscious lady cat nearby, and this is all perfectly normal.

A cat may also start meowing when it’s hungry and as a general rule cats are quite satisfied with two meals a day. If it starts to drink copious amounts of water and demand excessive food, you should take it to a vet as your cat may be trying to tell you that it’s ill.

Figures of eight and pawing

If your pet starts walking around your legs in a figure of eight, or paws you when you are otherwise distracted, your cat is asking for attention. This is really just a friendly greeting and the animal is making sure that you have its scent on your body. Take this behaviour as a compliment and not a cause for alarm.

Cat photo

Excessive meowing can be a problem

At times cats can be very vocal creatures. If you are assured that the animal isn’t ill or showing signs of obvious distress then you will just have to learn to ignore this sound.

Cats are quick learners and if they haven’t succeeded in attracting your attention, they should soon give up. Be warned, some cats are simply noisier than others and your pet might just be trying to talk to you.

Breaking bad habits

Much as a cat may hate to admit it, they do enjoy and need the company of humans.

If you can train your cat you’ll have an easier life and so will they! Try and play with your cat rather than leaving it to its own devices and teach basic commands such as ‘stop’ ‘quiet’ and ‘no’ to put an end to bad behaviour such as furniture scratching.

As long as your cat has a warm bed, plenty of food and water and you stroke and caress them, it will feel reassured and be a welcome part of your family.

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