Poppy is the most popular name for cats and dogs

Posted by Cyril. February 15th 2019.

We’ve compiled our list of the top 10 cat and dog names of 2018 from our database of loyal customers!

Our top 10 table shows that you dog and cat lovers might not be so different after all. Names such as Milo, Oscar, Molly, Lola and Daisy appear in both lists.

Poppy and Bella keep the first and second spots for the second year running for female dogs. In fact, the only newcomer on the list is Luna, which replaces Roxy at number 10.

For the boys, Alfie and Charlie still reign supreme. And there’s also a cuddly name storming up the list, with Teddy racing into third place, up from number eight last year.

In our female feline list, the clear winner once again is Poppy. Bella, Molly, Tilly and Daisy all hold onto the same spots as last year. Luna also appears in seventh place, taking the place of last year’s Rosie.

For the tomcats, Charlie, Oscar and Alfie still remain in the top three. However, we’ve seen two new entrants from Smudge and Gizmo, to replace Leo and Harry. Like Harry, another royal name that’s slipped down the list is George, which has dropped from seventh to tenth place. Maybe we’ll see a spike in the name Louis for this year!

It’s clear we love a human name for our furry friends, with names such as Poppy, Bella, Alfie and Charlie still your favourites for your pets.

We also came across some creative names that really made us smile like Pussy Galore and Bilbo Baggins.

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Top ten popular dog names 2018 vs 20171:


  1. Alfie –                                                                           6. Milo +3
  2. Charlie –                                                                       7. Max -4
  3. Teddy +5                                                                     8. Oscar -4
  4. Buddy +1                                                                     9. Archie -3
  5. Bailey +2                                                                      10. Toby –


  1. Poppy –                                                                                    6. Ruby –
  2. Bella –                                                                          7. Millie –
  3. Lola +2                                                                        8. Rosie –
  4. Daisy –                                                                          9. Tilly –
  5. Molly -2                                                                        10. Luna New entry

Top ten popular cat names 20181:


  1. Charlie –                                                                       6. Simba +3
  2. Oscar –                                                                         7. Max -3
  3. Alfie –                                                                           8. Gizmo New entry
  4. Smudge New entry                                                       9. Jasper -3
  5. Milo –                                                                            10. George -3


  1. Poppy –                                                                                    6. Lola +1
  2. Bella –                                                                          7. Luna New entry
  3. Molly –                                                                          8. Millie -2
  4. Tilly –                                                                            9. Lily -1
  5. Daisy –                                                                          10. Willow –

The Argos Pet Insurance team’s favourite unusual dog and cat names3

  • Pussy Galore
  • Metallicat
  • Menapaws
  • Bilbo Baggins
  • Buddy-Love
  • Santa Paws
  • Harley Quinn

1 Argos Pet insurance reviewed its database of existing pet insurance customers to identify the 10 most popular male and female cat and dog names. Analysis was carried out on 14.11.2018. Data source Royal Sun & Alliance Plc.

2 Data source for Argos Pet Insurance Top 10 male and female cat and dog names 2017 is Royal and Sun Alliance Plc as at July 2017.

3 Data source for unusual cat and dog names is Argos Pet Insurance customers. Analysis was carried out on 14.11.2018.

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