perfect dog breed

Finding your perfect dog breedHere at Argos Pet Insurance we know that getting a dog is a huge step. One of the most co... Read more

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perfect cat breed

Finding your perfect cat breedChoosing a cat to welcome into the family is an exciting time, especially with so many br... Read more

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Korat Cat snoozing on bed

Breed review: Korat cats and kittens Korat cats and kittens are one of the most established and purest breeds.Originating in T... Read more

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Oriental kittens are cute and have distinctive large ears

Oriental cats and kittens – breed review Oriental cats belong to the Siamese breed and, in fact, are almost identical to their cousins... Read more

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Khao Manee cats have distinctive eyes, which can be different colours

Khao Manee kittens and cats breed review Khao Manee comes from Thailand and means “white gem” – relating to this cat breed’s s... Read more

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Norwegian Forest cat

Breed review: Norwegian Forest cats and kittens Norwegian Forest cats are large, sturdy animals with a luxuriously thick coat.As the name... Read more

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A white Selkirk Rex kitten

Selkirk Rex kittens and cats breed review Selkirk Rex kittens and cats are a distinctive breed that is relatively new. The first Selkir... Read more

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The history of the Cymric cat is a short one, dating back to the 1970s

Cymric cat and kittens breed review Cymric cats are very similar to Manx cats, so much so that until the 1970s, the breed was wid... Read more

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Maine Coon or American Longhair

Breed review: Maine Coon or American Longhair The Maine Coon is one of the biggest breeds of domestic cat. Also known as American Longhair,... Read more

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American Curl kittens

Breed review: American curl kittens and cats The American Curl is among the newest breed of cats, having only been registered by the Cat F... Read more

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The Sphynx cat is a striking breed that has been bred since the 19060s.

Breed Review: Sphynx Cat Profile You might think the Sphynx has been with us since ancient Egyptian times but you’d be mista... Read more

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A Tabby cat, which is also known as a Domestic Shorthair

Breed review: Domestic shorthair cat History There may be an estimated 600 million of these cats around the world, but very littl... Read more

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