border terrier

Border Terrier Breed Review The Border Terrier is small, plucky little pooch with a cute little face and rough coat. Or... Read more

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Tibetan Spaniel - Breed Review

Tibetan Spaniel breed review The Tibetan Spaniel is a tiny pooch with a big personality. If you’re thinking of adding th... Read more

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siberian cat

4 hypoallergenic cat breeds Are you a cat lover, despite being allergic to them? Don’t fear - your allergies don’t ne... Read more

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perfect dog breed

Finding your perfect dog breedHere at Argos Pet Insurance we know that getting a dog is a huge step. One of the most co... Read more

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Norfolk Terrier puppies are a popular breed

Norfolk Terrier puppies and dogs – breed review Norfolk Terriers are small dogs with big personalities.Known for being alert, lively, fea... Read more

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A Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog

Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs and puppies – breed review The Corgi breed are, quite literally, fit for The Queen. Famously a favourite of Queen Elizab... Read more

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Old English Sheepdog

Breed review: Old English Sheepdog puppies and dogs Old English Sheepdog puppies and dogs are instantly recognisable, thanks to their shaggy coat... Read more

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Beagle puppies are small and beautiful dogs

Beagle puppies and dog breed review Beagle puppies and dogs are one of the most identifiable breeds - thanks to their distinctive... Read more

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Cockapoo puppies are always very cute

Cockapoo puppies and dogs breed review The Cockapoo is a loveable little dog with a lovely personality that is regarded as the first... Read more

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A Jack Russell Terrier runs across snowy ground

12 dog breeds of Christmas With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. A dog is ... Read more

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Akita Inu puppies and dogs

Breed review: Akita Inu puppies and dogs The Akita Inu has been helping people since the 17th century and can be traced back to north ... Read more

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Springer Spaniel puppies and dogs

Breed review: Springer Spaniel puppies and dogs The Springer Spaniel earned its name from its heritage as a sportsman’s companion and the w... Read more

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