A dog being bathed with shampoo

How to properly bathe and clean your dog Bathing your pooch doesn’t have to be a difficult task. As long as you use the right produc... Read more

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dog groomer

Choosing a dog groomer We know that you like to keep your pooch in tip-top condition. However, grooming your dog at ... Read more

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How to cut your cat's nails

Cat Grooming: How to Trim Cat Nails Regular nail trimming should be an essential part of your cat grooming routine. Not only does... Read more

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This Chihuahua puppy is combed with a brush to prevent matted dog hair

How to remove matted dog hair (WITH VIDEO) Removing matted hair in dogs is part and parcel of being a pet owner – especially if your d... Read more

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Cleaning your dogs ears is very important

How to clean dogs’ ears in 3 simple steps It’s a good idea to check your dog’s ears on a regular basis – about once a week – as... Read more

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How to shave your cat without getting clawed

Cat grooming: How to shave your cat without getting clawed Cat grooming can be a tricky business. Your precious pet can be sweetness and light – until... Read more

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Alabama Rot - A dog gets its nails clipped

Advice guide: How to clip your pet’s nails Cutting the nails of your beloved dog or cat is an essential part of any precious pet’s gro... Read more

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Spring dog grooming for long-haired dogs Though a fantastic insulator during the winter months and a fashionable look throughout the y... Read more

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Cat grooming

A guide to grooming your cat Left to themselves, cats will manage perfectly on the sprucing up front but help from its hum... Read more

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Muddy Springer Spaniel

Dog grooming: How to keep your dog clean in winter Although winter brings crisp mornings, snow dusted scenery and pretty frosty walks; it also b... Read more

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Weekly round up dog articles - pampered Shih Tzu pooch wears hair rollers

Dog grooming: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest pet of them all? Frizz, knots, itchy and stinky? This may sound like you’re having a bad hair day, but for s... Read more

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Fluffy ginger cat

An introduction to cat grooming Watching a cat grooming itself is a pleasure for any feline lover. It uses its tongue, paws a... Read more

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