How to clean a dog’s bed

Posted by Argos, 26 May 2016, last updated 14 September 2020.

Most dog owners will tell you that cleaning up after their beloved pooch is a constant battle.

Muddy paw prints, wet fur and shedding hair are the chief culprits. While it might seem a morale-sapping struggle, staying on top of the job and keeping the environment clean is essential.

Failure to keep a dog’s home clean can be harmful to both pet and owner, as bacteria and germs can be the start of potentially serious health issues if allowed to thrive. One of the places to pay particular attention to is where your dog sleeps, largely because this is where your dog will spend a lot of his time.

Keeping Dog's Bed Clean. A sleeping dog in a dog bed

Cleaning a dog’s bed

If your dog has his or her own bed, you should make cleaning it a regular job.

Aim to do it once a week or more often if your dog often gets wet and muddy on long walks or while playing outside.

Remove any blankets and cushions and wash them thoroughly. Look for detergents that are safe for pets – these will be typically mild and unscented.

Avoid harsh chemicals and never use bleach. If a blanket or fabric is heavily soiled, then throw it away.

Remember to clean the bed itself. If your dog sleeps in a basket or tub, give it a thorough clean and make sure it is properly dry before you put the clean bedding back in.

It’s not hygienic to clean your dog’s bed in your kitchen or anywhere food is prepared and stored. It’s best to take the bed outside and clean it with a hose or a bowl of soapy water.

If your dog is allowed to sleep on your bed, then the same rules apply. You will need to change your bedding regularly and make sure all linen is regularly sanitised.

Keeping Dog's Bed Clean Dog Sleeping

Easy-to-clean dog beds

Many dog beds are designed with cleanliness in mind.

Consider a dog bed that has a water-resistant mattress, making it easy to clean and durable.

An effective way of keeping your dog’s bed clean is to get into the habit of drying him or her off thoroughly after walks. Make sure you have a supply of clean towels near the door for when you return so that you can dry paws and fur. Consider getting an absorbent mat that will help dry your pet’s paws before they head for their basket.

Resist the temptation to allow your dog to chew treats in his or her bed. If they have a bone to gnaw on, encourage them to do so outside as the saliva produced is a haven for germs.

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