How Do Cats Show Affection?

Posted by Argos, 5 October 2017, last updated 16 February 2023.

Have you ever been left thinking, does my cat love me? Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, it’s important to know your pet appreciates you as much as you do them. Cats have notoriously picked up a reputation for being colder and more aloof than dogs, here are 10 ways in which your cat is trying to show you love.

cats show love - cute kitten sleeping

1. Purring

Although purring can mean a number of things, you can be sure that when your cat is curled up on your lap purring, they’re expressing their love and contentment with you. Purrfect.

2. Rubbing against you

You have noticed your cat rubbing against furniture in your home, such as sofas and tables.

But why do cats rub against you? If your cat rubs up against your legs or face, this is a sign of your cat marking you as theirs. Cats have scent glands located in their cheeks, forehead, chins, and at the base of their tail. Rubbing up against you is an affectionate gesture that reinforces the relationship between you and your cat.

3. Grooming

You may have noticed that your cat spends a lot of time grooming itself. Shared grooming is important to cats, so if you find your cat licking you, you can be sure that this is a sign of affection. Just like when they rub against you, your cat is spreading its scent and marking you as one of its group.

4. Flashing their belly

Most animals don’t like to show their stomachs, so your cat presenting their belly to you is their way of saying not only that they love you, but that they also feel protected by you.

5. Nibbling

You may wonder ‘why does my cat nibble me?’, your cat nipping you is a sign of their love; think of it as a love bite. A playful nibble from your cat is a sure sign that they think the world of you.

6. Following you around

If you find your cat following you around, then you can be sure that they love your company. A good way to test this sign of love is to see if they follow you around even when it’s not feeding time.

7. Curling their tail around you

Your cat curving the tip of their tail is a sign that they think the world of you. Kittens use this to greet their mother, so adult cats that do this are showing you that they think of you as their favourite person.

8. Napping with you

When cats curl up next to you – or even better, on your lap – this is a sign that they trust you as they’re most vulnerable when they’re sleeping. A cat sleeping on your lap is how cats show love and is a real compliment.

9. Kneading

Kneading is when your cat uses their paws to push in and out against a soft surface, such as your lap. If you find your cat kneading your lap, this is a sign of their affection for you; they learn this as kittens with their mother.

10. Offering a slow blink

As with humans, eye contact is an important form of communication. If you find your cat staring at you and then offer you a slow blink, then you know your cat loves you. It’s the equivalent of a kiss – so be honoured.

A cat’s body language and behaviour can mean all sorts of different things. But contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of things cats do to show you their love. We hope our 10 ways cats say ‘I love you’ has helped you see just how much your cat really loves you.

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