Cat Grooming: How to Trim Cat Nails

Posted by Argos, 15 September 2017, last updated 1 October 2020.

Regular nail trimming should be an essential part of your cat grooming routine. Not only does it help reduce damage to your belongings (including the furniture!), it also helps your cat stay free of illness or injury.

Indoor and outdoor cats are equally prone to nail injuries, with the most common being ingrown and torn nails. Ingrown nails can sometimes result in infections, which is why it’s key to trim your cat’s nails regularly.

How do I clip my cats nails?

To clip their claws you’ll need a pair of nail clippers and some treats at hand. Wrapping your cat loosely in a towel may make the process easier and your cat feel more comfortable.

If your cat isn’t used to getting their nails clipped, start off slowly by getting them used to the sight of the nail clippers and having their paws touched.

Make sure that your cat is relaxed and calm. If they do become agitated by the situation, simply stop and try again another time.

Don’t attempt to trim all your cat’s nails at once. It’s easier for your cat if you take breaks in between. Trim a couple of claws and then take a break, or trim all claws on a single paw (if your cat is comfortable) before taking a break.

Gently take their paw and squeeze on the end of it until the claw comes out.

Begin the grooming by cutting the tips of the nail off and then gradually build up your confidence as you progress.

Be extra careful

When looking at the nail, you’ll notice that there’s a pink area inside of it; this is called the quick of the nail. The quick is the live part of the nail, which contains nerves and blood vessels. Be extra careful not to clip the quick as it is sensitive and could cause your cat to bleed. In case this happens, it’s a good idea to have some styptic powder nearby.

Once you’ve trimmed a claw, be sure to reward your cat with a treat and praise to help build reassurance.

Trimming your cat’s nails should be a regular part of your cat grooming routine. It’s advised to trim your cat’s nails every ten days to two weeks.

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