Argos Pet Insurance

The Importance of Pet Insurance Having a cat or dog brings us plenty of joy, but if your pet becomes ill or suffers an injury... Read more

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A white poodle - Common Illnesses

Cost of dog insurance: Common illness claims revealed The cost of insuring a dog will vary widely depending on a wide number of factors. Where y... Read more

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pet insurance

Kitten insurance: Why pet insurance for cats is essential Being a pet owner is undoubtedly a rewarding and satisfying experience. However, it is not wi... Read more

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Puppy insurance blog

Puppy insurance: Why pet insurance for dogs is essential Owning a pet is a rewarding experience. It can also be pretty expensive. There’s the initia... Read more

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Is pet insurance worth it? The joys of being a pet owner are plenty, but it also comes at a cost. There are the regular ... Read more

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pet insurance for older dogs

Pet insurance for older dogs – how do I choose? When buying pet insurance for older dogs, there are a lot of factors to consider. Perhaps ... Read more

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A dog and a cat

Why do more owners take out dog insurance than their feline equivalents? Numerous stories and statistics emphasise the importance of investing in pet insurance to cov... Read more

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Puppies like these need pet insurance too

Do younger dogs need pet insurance? In 2013, the number of dogs in the UK was an estimated 8.5 million and these animals were kep... Read more

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An Australian German Shepherd and a vet

Why is pet insurance important? When deciding whether or not to get a pet, one of the main contributing factors in the decisi... Read more

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